Supporting Immigrant-Focused Community Organizations in Denver, CO

Discover how you can support immigrant-focused community organizations in Denver, CO by donating or volunteering with one of these organizations.

Supporting Immigrant-Focused Community Organizations in Denver, CO

My City Academy is a program created to empower immigrant and refugee residents of Denver County, which makes up 26% of the population. Catholic Charities provides a wide range of immigration services to the Northern Colorado community, from legal advice to assistance with applications. If you're looking to support this underserved population, there are many community organizations and social service providers that offer citizenship classes and other resources. The ACLU is the largest public interest law firm in the United States and has seen an increase in donations due to recent events.

The USCIS website contains many useful links and resources for those looking to become citizens, access questions about civic education and vocabulary in English, and find organizations in their community that offer citizenship and civic education classes. The Trump administration's efforts to moderate illegal and legal immigration have put pressure on immigrant and refugee families, their communities, and the groups that defend them in Colorado and across the country. The Abarca Family; the Aspen Community Foundation; the Brett Family Foundation; the Bamboo Fund; the Colorado Health Foundation; the Denver Foundation; donors concerned about immigrants and refugees; the Colorado Latino Community Foundation; the Colorado Latino Community Foundation; the Lederer Fund; the RCG Fund; the Rose Community Foundation; and the Colorado Women's Foundation are just some of the organizations that are dedicated to helping immigrants and refugees. Becoming a citizen can open up opportunities to participate in organizations like these or even seek employment in government to help empower other mothers and immigrants. The African Community Center in Denver helps young refugees and immigrants from around the world find their balance, develop skills, build their networks, and establish a successful life in the Denver metropolitan area.

Ready for American Hospitality prepares refugees for the food service industry in coordination with the University of Denver School of Hospitality. The RMIAN, along with other organizations, frequently organizes training programs for volunteer lawyers and the public on juvenile immigration law. At the request of Capuchin Franciscan friars, a group of sisters volunteered to leave their current community in Mexico and found a new order in Denver. This led one of them to volunteer to be one of ten people who would immigrate to the United States and start a new life in Denver. If you're looking for ways to support immigrant-focused community organizations in Denver, CO, consider donating or volunteering with one of these organizations. They provide invaluable resources for immigrants and refugees who are looking for a better life.

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